Top 6 Medical Universities In Ukraine With Their Expected Tuition Fee

Ukraine is one of the most sought after when it comes to study abroad destination. The medical universities consistently, receives influx of international students. The Universities teaching style are carried under the ” Bologna process & European credit transfer scheme or ECTS” that means the course is compatible in all countries in Europe including UK and Germany . The Ukrainian  method  of teaching is at par with that of the rest of the world and thus students find acceptance in field of work as well as places of higher  education elsewhere.

All the medical universities are recognized by World Health Organization , I-MED School, MEDICAL COUNCIL OF INDIA( MCI ), Medical council of Nepal, PMDC, USMLE, European universities and a number of other countries.

IELTS and TOEFL are not required to study Medicine in ENGLISH

STUDY GENERAL MEDICINE in UKRAINE is cheaper, highly positive for medical students. If you chose study medicine in Ukraine you will really enjoy as Ukraine is one of the cheapest country to study medicine abroad in Europe and quality standard programs are regulated and approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine  and the Ministry of Health, Ukraine.

MBBS in Ukraine 2017-18 – Top 6 MBBS Colleges in Ukraine

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KHARKIV NATIONAL MEDICAL UNIVERSITY– The Kharkiv National Medical University(KNMU) Ukraine is one of the oldest higher educational establishments of Ukraine. It was founded in 1805 as the Medical Faculty of the Kharkiv University. The Degree of Kharkiv National Medical University(KNMU) is prestigious and recognized in many countries of the world. Since 1998, Kharkiv National Medical University is a member of the International Association of Universities (UNESCO).

Tuition fee                                        Hostel Fee                  One Time Charge     TOTAL

4300 USD / 279500 INR (1st Year)         (Per Year)                   (First Year Only)     34000 USD /                                                                                                                                         2210000 INR

5500 USD / 357500 INR (2th-6th Year)  1000 USD / 65000 INR  1000 USD / 65000 INR 

DNIPROPETROVSK STATE MEDICAL ACADEMY– Dnipropetrovsk State Medical Academy (DSMA) was founded on September 15, 1916 on the basis of Ekaterynoslavsky higher female courses Institute. Institute acquired the status of State Academy in 1920 and it was confirmed again to Dnipropetrovsk State Medical Academy (DSMA) in Ukraine in 1994 by th order of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine № 224 dated 20 April 1994.

Dnipropetrovsk State Medical University is the only in all over Ukraine, providing training to students in all seven faculties and preparatory department for foreign citizens. The Academy trains specialists in all faculties in English, Russian and Ukraineian languages.

Tuition fee                                   Hostel FeeOne                 One Time Charge               TOTAL

3500 USD / 227500 INR (1st Year)    (Per Year)                       (First Year Only)

4900 USD / 318500 INR (2th-6th Year) 1200 USD / 78000 INR    750 USD / 48750 INR     30150/                                                                                                                                                  1959750                                                                                                                                                 INR           

UKRAINIAN MEDICAL STOMATOLOGICAL ACADEMY– Ukraineian Medical Stomatological Academy (UMSA) is the leading state higher educational institution in training both physicians and dentists. The Ukraineian Medical Stomatological Academy (UMSA) started its activity in 1921 as the Odontologic Faculty of the Kharkiv Medical Academy. 

Ukraineian Medical Stomatological Academy (UMSA) trains specialists along the following education / qualification levels: Junior specialists, specialists, Masters for the following specialties:

  • General Medicine ( duration of study is 6 years)
  • Pediatrics( duration of study is 6 years)
  • Stomatology (Dentistry) ( duration of study is 5 years)
  • Pharmacy ( duration of study is 5 years)
  • Medical Nursing ( duration of study is 2 years)
  • Orthopedic Stomatology ( duration of study is 2 years)                                             

V.N. KARAZINA,KHARKIV NATIONAL UNIVERSITY-The Medical course at the V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University takes six years and leads to MD (Doctor of Medicine) or MBBS. In the under graduate program, during six years of study the students learn different subjects from fundamental subjects disciplines to special medical subjects.

Tuition fee                                                           Hostel Fee                  One Time Charge         TOTAL

4200 USD / 273000 INR (1st Year)        (Per Year)                   (First Year Only)

4250 USD / 276250 INR (2nd-6th Year) 1000 USD / 65000 INR 850 USD / 55250 INR  27550 USD /                                                                                                                                          1790750 INR

ODESSA STATE MEDICAL UNIVERSITY– Odessa State Medical University is the first university of Ukraine which started medical education in English medium in 1996. Odessa State Medical University is one of the largest higher medical universities, a member of European and International Association of Universities, the leader of reformation of medical education in the country.

The University trains specialists of the following qualification levels: Junior Specialist, Specialist, Master (Foreign students included) for the following specialties:

  • Medical
  • Stomatological (Dental)
  • Faculty of Dentistry
  • Pediatric
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Post graduate

KYIV NATIONAL MEDICAL UNIVERSITY- Kyiv National Medical University (O.O. Bogomolets) is suited in Kyiv and it is the main leading medical institution of Ukraine.


Tuition fee                     Hostel Fee               One Time Charge      TOTAL

                                              (Per Year)                 (First Year Only)

4300 USD Per Year   1200 USD                     750 USD                       6450 USD