Study at University of Lausanne-Switzerland|| Fee and Finance

Switzerland is a great place to study. The country is located between Germany, France and Italy. Foreign students who wish to study in Switzerland may want to know that Swiss universities are generously supported by the government and at many institutions, fees are the same for foreign students or there is only a small premium, reflecting the country’s desire to attract overseas students to Switzerland for study purpose.

Switzerland has some of the most reputable universities in the world and as well as having full global recognition of the various degrees obtained in Switzerland; and one of these prestitigious universities is the University of Lausanne.

University of Lausanne, was Founded in 1537. The University of Lausanne is composed of seven faculties. To study here, a student is expected to check his/her eligibility status.

Entry Requirements

Basically, the criteria for admission for the University of Lausanne are;

  • International students must pass a French exam before admission to the University.
  • The basic admission requirement is a secondary school-leaving certificate or its equivalent. Students not holding recognised certificates may be required to take a university entrance exam.

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At University of Lausanne, English-language courses are more common at Master’s level and most undergraduate programmes are taught in German, Italian or French.

  • Academic year split into two semesters.
  • Semester 1: September–December, followed by examinations in January.
  • Semester 2: February–May, followed by examinations in June.

Fee and Finance:

The average tuition fee at University of Lausanne is 1,500 EUR/year.

Course and examination enrolment fees, semester fees (Bachelor, Master, EFLE) : CHF 580 (per semester).

Bachelor (foreign students) $1,194/year.

– Late registration

Late applications and registrations will be charged an extra fee of CHF 200.– if accepted by the Admissions Service.

*Note that late applications are not automatically accepted

Availability of Part-Time Work

Students may work for up to 15 hours a week within the Zurich district.

Living Expenses:

Geneve and Zurich are the most expensive cities that require a budget exceeding 1,500 EUR/month. Although, the living expenses depends largely on the lifestyle and location.