Study in India: List of Universities, Tuition Fees, Cost of Living and Admission Requirements

Are you an international student, keen about getting the best education? India is a great place to get all that you desire. India is a diversified country in culture as well as educational system. It is located on the southern Asian coast. With India economy, it has become an educational hub for international student. It has some of the best universities in the world with a good rank on the world class ranking scheme. Therefore, asides the beautiful places, culture and tradition, dressing, cuisine, India also has a good educational system. With a good government funding and regulating the affairs of institution, India has been able to make a difference in their educational sector. You get first class base education here in India.


There are several private and public institutions (higher education, universities, polytechnic and colleges). For international student seeking for world class high quality education, here are lists of some institutions in India you can chose from.


This university was founded in 1922. Present, the university is one of the oldest university in the terrain and the largest university in the REPUBLIC OF INDIA. University of Delhi is situated in newDelhi, India. The university has different campuses as well as different faculties (16) and departments (77) and differentcolleges across India. The university has different campuses namely north campus, south campus, and others. The offer different degrees to its student (bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, doctorate degrees and many more in different courses. They are good resort for selective courses like arts, humanity, social science, technology, fine arts, business and commerce, etc. each campuses are design for different programmes or discipline


This institution is an engineering institution that is located in powia Mumbai.IIT (INDIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY)Bombay, offers doctoral degrees in different field like Science, Technology, Engineering as well as Mathematics. The university is dated back in history to be Indians second oldest university and also recognised as one of Indians best universities.


This is the third oldest institution in India. It is located at Chennai, Tamil Nadu in India. IIT (Indian institute of technology) Madras has about 16 departments and a lot of research centres all over the India terrain covering a range of engineering and scientific disciplines.


This institution covers a wide range of engineering, and scientific discipline for undergraduate as well as graduate courses. Indians institution of technology, Kanpur, is a publicly owned institution. The institution was founded in 1959 and located in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. The engineering institution of technology has been recorded as an institution having a large capacity of housing a large number of students. Get the best education with different other academic advantages.


The institution is a publicly owned engineering institution. The institution of technology is located in Hans khas, south Delhi. It is formed from the collaboration of Indian government and the British government. The institution awards both bachelor and postgraduate degrees in different field. A merit in the joint entrance examinations is the only way admission to this institution is given to students.


The university is located in Tamil Nadu, India. The technical school is one of Indians best institution. The university has it campus at Guindy, Chennai. the engineering and technical institution provides education in a full style. The reason for choosing any institution to study is to get the best education and make impact and that is the vision of Anna University, Guindy, Chennai in India.


The institution is fully called Vellore institution of technology. It is one of the private universities in India. It awards degrees for undergraduates and postgraduate as well as other integrated and research programmes. The engineering or technological institution became the first university in India to begin the Fully Flexible Credit System (FFCS). This university is incredibly capable of providing the best there is in education. Admission to this institution is based on an entrance examination.

There are several other institutions asides the list above to choose from. Therefore if you are an international student seeking for a perfect place to study, then make the right choice and choose India. However, asides the education, there are other things to learn. Learning about their dishes, dress styles, culture and traditions and also seeing new places are other forms of education.


For international student that are keen about studying in India, here are steps to apply for an admission into any institution in India as well as their requirements.

  • Choose the institution and course
  • Log into the institution’s website and get information
  • Pay application fees so you can fill the online application.
  • Attach your entire educational transcript it could be from secondary school to every other education history you have. Note; follow all instructions given and provide all requirements possible and necessary.
  • Provisional copy of your country’s aptitude test or any other international exams taken.
  • Any of TOEFL, GMAT, SAT, etc. should also be provided.
  • Attach your personal and background information
  • Also include a letter of recommendation from any professor attesting for your educational achievements.
  • Submit a proof of financial record to the institution website as instructed.
  • Prepare for an interview. Note; this is always done through Skype. After filling out the form, prepare for the interview and also take note of the interview date.
  • Await the university’s responds. Note; when the university responds to your application, you are to reply back within the stipulated time provided by the institution. This is to show you accepted the admission
  • The next step is to apply for your visa. The institution will provide an approval document to show you have been admitted. The document will help you apply for a visa.


as an international students keen about studying in India, application is to begin a year before the school opens up portals for application. The steps to apply for admission above aren’t something to start late. The research of information and all should be done eight months back. Follow carefully the timetable for international students to see the date for application as well as deadline. In some cases, application date is based on the course you are applying for.


The best way to experience culture is to immerse yourself in it. For international students, India is a welcoming country to study. English is a widely spoken language in India therefore there is no need to worry about language differences. India is a place for all with defined capacity to accommodate both local and international Get the best education by studying in India.