Review on University of Sydney- Australia: Fee And Finance

Australia’s high quality education, research and technology; are the perceptible driven-reasons international students consider when seeking for a study abroad education. Australia is home to many renowned universities, that are highly ranked and recognised across the world.

The University of Sydney is an Australian public research university in Sydney, Australia. Founded in 1850, it is Australia’s first university and is regarded as one of the world’s leading universities.

A study at The University of Sydney, gives graduates an edge over their counterparts from other universities. This is solely because, The University of Sydney is the top university of Australia for graduate employability with graduating students quickly securing full-time work.

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The average tuition fees at University of Sydney is 37,000 AUD/year.

Tuition fees vary between courses and the calendar year that you undertake study. Fees for each course are based on a full-time student enrolment load of 24 credit points per semester or 48 credit points per year (1.0 EFTSL). If your study load for the year is more or less than 1.0 EFTSL, your tuition fee will differ.

Application Processing Fee

International students who apply to study onshore need to pay an application processing fee (APF) of A$125. The APF covers one year (two semesters or four research periods).


Student Accommodation

Accommodation specifically for university students typically provides a furnished room including bed and desk. You will most likely need to provide your own bedding, towels etc. See the University of Sydney 2018 Accommodation Guide (PDF 2.2MB) for further details and costs regarding:

  • Accommodation in a studio or shared apartment in University of Sydney-owned residences costs between $205 – $431 per week.
  • Residential colleges are private colleges on campus and cost between $397 – $687 per week, which includes three meals per day.
  • Other independently-run student housing costs between $90 – $616 per week for options including self-contained studios, shared apartments and shared cooperative housing.

Private rental

According to the website, Sydney Moving Costs approximate costs for accommodation in the Sydney property market can cost between $350 – $570 per week for a one bedroom apartment (after set up costs). Renting a private room in a shared rental property generally costs between $300 – $400.

Extra costs

Books, supplies, and other learning materials: from 500 to 1,000 AUD/year.

Health insurance: rates start from 25-30 AUD/month