Overview on Ghent University- Belgium:

Ghent is a city and a municipality in the Flemish Region of Belgium. It is the capital and largest city of the East Flanders province and after Antwerp the largest municipality of Belgium.

Ghent University  is a public research university located in Ghent, Belgium. It was established in 1817 by King William I of the Netherlands. After the Belgian revolution of 1830, the newly formed Belgian state began to administer the university. In 1930, it became the first Dutch-speaking university in Belgium.

For you to study here, you must bear in mind that all bachelor programmes and most masters are instructed in Dutch. The language of instruction of each programme is mentioned in the course catalogue. The English version of the course catalogue is a translation of the course catalogue in Dutch and does not imply that the programme will be instructed in English. A few master programmes are partly taught in English and partly in Dutch. *English is only used in some master programmes (international programmes

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Language requirements

Depending on the language of instruction of the programme you want to enrol for, you need to show language proof proficiency in Dutch or English. Most programmes require the standard level of proficiency or B2.

How to Apply As a PhD candidate:

There are two possibilities to start a PhD at Ghent University:

  1. Apply for an open PhD position
  2. Approach a specific Ghent University professor

Admission to master programme

  • There are two types of master programmes:
    • (Initial) master, also referred to as manaba
    • Advanced or subsequent master, also referred to as manama

Tuition Fee

Belgium is divided into three regions: the Brussels – Capital Region, the Flemish Region, and the Walloon Region.

In the universities from Walloon, non-EU students have to pay specific tuition fees, set by ARES (Academy of Research and Higher Education).

For the Flemish Region, students from the EU and non-EU have to pay different tuition fees.

Tuition fee Advanced Master Programme 2017-2018

  • The tuition fee consists of € 234,10 fixed amount + € 11,20 per credit + an extra amount per credit which can differ per faculty.
  • Some programmes have an exceptional tuition fee.

Living Expenses:

The average living costs in Gent is between 790 and 1,210 EUR/year.

Students Housing:

The Housing Office rents out rooms, studios and flats. It caters to international students, staff and visitors.

Applications for academic year 2018-2019 can be done from 01/04/2018.