National University of Singapore (NUS) Tuition and Fee, Admission requirements

Singapore is a great place to study. To study in Singapore, comes with huge benefits like giving students the ample opportunity of finding employment post studies. All thanks to its  stable economy which doesn’t show much fluctuation in job markets and does not have many variations in work permit regulations.

Singapore have degree recongnised institutions globally, with The National University of Singapore (NUS) topping the list.

The National University of Singapore (NUS), is an autonomous research university in Singapore, located in southwest Singapore at Kent Ridge. It was Founded in 1905 as a medical college, it is the oldest institute of higher learning (IHL) in Singapore, as well as the largest university in the country in terms of student enrollment and curriculum offered.

NUS is a comprehensive research university with an entrepreneurial dimension. NUS offers single-degree, masters, doctoral and graduate diploma programs conducted via faculties/schools like the Arts and Social Sciences, Business, Computing, Dentistry, Design and Environment, Engineering, Law, Medicine, Science, Public Policy, Integrative Sciences and Engineering, Scholars Program, Music, English Language Communication, Institute of Systems Science and Mathematics and Science.

Entry Requirements

  • For international applicants seeking admission to NUS, you’re expected to have completed or are completing high school, that is, at least 12 years of general education in the year of application.

For more information on the acceptable high school qualifications and the admissions requirements can be found on the website.

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How to Apply:

Submitting a complete application

A complete application should consist of the following:

  • Completion of online application
  • Payment of Application Fee (S$20)
  • Electronic submission of Application Checklist AND supporting documents

Application Checklist and supporting documents must be submitted together electronically through the Online Application Status Facility (OASF).

For more details on electronic submissions, click here.

The National University of Singapore is rated 22nd in the World University Rankings – 2018
Tuition and Fee
UNDERGRADUATE                  SG$20,160
POSTGRADUATE                      SG$44,090
Living Expenses

These amounts stated are in Singapore dollar and the costs are calculated on an annual basis, excluding the vacation period

On-Campus accomodation (single/double occupancy) S$2,625 to S$7,000

Total estimated costs excluding accomodation S$6,000

Total estimated costs including accomodation S$10,000

Availability of Part-Time Work

Students at NUS are allowed to work on and off campus, not exceeding 16 hours a week during term time and full-time during the holidays.