Low Tuition: How to Study in Brandon University, Canada

Brandon University is one of the low tuition universities in Canada. So if you are looking for a university in Canada that the tuition fees is low and affordable, then make up your mind to study in Brandon University. Tuition fees in Brandon university ranges from Cad$6000 to Cad$8000 for international students. So you will agree with me that this is the lowest or one of the lowest fees you can get in Canada as an international students. In today’s article, I will be talking about Brandon University, requirements for admission and how to apply for admission.

The University of Brandon is located in the Western part of Manitoba, an hour north of Canada-United States border. Brandon University offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs through its various faculties in research and teaching.

One interesting provision international students cherish about the province of  Manitoba is the Health Insurance. Manitoba Health Service is provided free of charge to all international students who hold  a study permit valid for at least 6 months.

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Basic Requirements

International students who apply from outside Canada are expected to have met the minimum requirements for university admission to a university in the country which they graduated hgh school from. They are also expected to meet the minimum academic requirements laid out by the Faculty or school at Brandon University.

Language Proficiency

Note that international students will be required to submit proof of english proficiency.Brandon University will accept CAE, CAEL, CANTEST, CPE, IELTS, MELAB, PTE, TOEFL. If need be, international students may be eligible for an English language waiver.International students may also be eligible for an english language waiver if they have studied in an English environment.

Tuition Fees (International Students)

Undergraduate Tuition: $6,000-$7,000

Graduate Tuition: $5,500

Campus Accommodation: CAD $6,492

Other Expenses

  • Textbooks-$225-$300
  • activities:$50 per term
  • Id card: $20 per year
  • Fitness fee:$37

Accommodation Options

Campus residence and private housing are available here. The accommodation in one of the university’s residence costs between C$800 and C$1000 per month.This include room rental fees and food costs.Students are expected to stay in residence for at least 3 months.Note that short term accommodation for finding private accommodation is not allowed.A non refundable fee of C$60 must accompany all applications.

How to apply for admission

Applying for admission into Brandon University is not hard at all. To begin, go to Brandon university website and search for your program. Once you have done that, you will always see a link on that page asking you to apply for admission. Click on it and start your online application. Please before you start ensure that you have all the required documents scanned as they will be needed during the online application. Click here to start your application.