List Of Low Tuition Universities In Ukraine

Ukraine is a sovereign state in Eastern Europe it is bordered by Russia to the east and northeast, Belarus to the northwest, Poland, Hungary, and Slovakia to the west, Romania and Moldova to the southwest, and the Black Sea and Sea of Azov to the south. Many students choose Ukraine as their study abroad destination because of the benefits associated with studying in that country, one of which is that the tuition fees is quite low and affordable. Tuition fees in Ukrainian public universities ranges from $3000 to $5000 per year for programs in the fields of Engineering, Medicine, Arts, Social sciences etc. If you don’t have money to study in places like UK, US and Australia why not make up your mind to get the same quality of education in Ukraine. 

In today’s article, I will not talk much about studying in Ukraine, rather I provide you with a comprehensive list of universities in that country, so you can contact them and start your application. So find below a comprehensive list of low tuition universities in Ukraine.

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Comprehensive list of low tuition universities in Ukraine

  1. Bila Cerkva State Agrarian University
  2. Bukovinian State Medical University
  3. Chernivci State University
  4. Dnepropetrovsk State Technical University of Railway Transport
  5. Dnepropetrovsk State University
  6. Donetsk Academy of Motor Transport
  7. Donetsk National University
  8. Donetsk State Medical University
  9. Donetsk State Technical University
  10. Donetsk State University
  11. East Ukrainian State University
  12. Institute of Non-Profit Management
  13. Ivano-Frankivsk National University of Oli and Gas
  14. Kharkov State Polytechnical University
  15. Kharkov State Technical University of Radio Electronics
  16. Kharkov State Transport Technical University
  17. Kharkov State University
  18. Kherson State Pedagogical University
  19. Kiev International University of Civil Aviation
  20. KROK Institute of Economics and Law
  21. Lugansk State Medical University
  22. Lviv Polytechnical State University
  23. Lviv State Ivan Franko University
  24. Lviv State Medical University
  25. National Agricultural University
  26. National Technical University of Ukraine (Kiev Politechnical Institute)
  27. National University “Kiev-Mohyla Academy”
  28. National University (Ostroh Academy)
  29. National University of Food Technologies
  30. Odessa I.I. Mecnikov State University
  31. Odessa State Marine University
  32. Odessa State Maritime Academy
  33. Odessa State Polytechnic University
  34. Podilya Technological University
  35. Poltava State Technical University
  36. Precarpathian University
  37. Simferopol State University
  38. Sumy State University
  39. Taras Shevchenko University of Kiev
  40. Ternopil State Ivan Pul’uj Technical University
  41. Ukrainian Academy of Pharmacy
  42. Ukrainian Catholic University
  43. Ukrainian State Chemical Technology University
  44. Ukrainian State Marine Technical University
  45. University of Internal Affairs
  46. Uzhgorod State University
  47. Vinnica State M.I. Pyrogov Medical University
  48. Vinnica State Technical University
  49. Zaporizhzhe State Technical University
  50. Zaporizhzhe State University

This is a comprehensive list of low tuition universities in Ukraine. Kindly contact them to start your admission application.