How to Study in National University of Singapore

Singapore is a good place to study abroad. Many students choose Singapore because of the high standard of education in that country. You’ll find huge opportunities and benefits associated with studying and living in Singapore once you graduate. This is partly because of the stable economy in Singapore which ensures there aren’t any fluctuations in the job market. You can also find a great job post graduation.

All the degrees awarded by Singaporean universities are universally accepted, with the National University of Singapore topping the list.The National University of Singapore is an autonomous and popular for research and is located in Southwest Singapore at Kent Ridge. Founded in 1905 as a medical institution, it is currently the oldest institution in the country in terms of quality of the curriculum and student enrollment.

National University of Singapore is indeed a world class institution with an entrepreneurial edge. The University offers several single degree,masters and graduate diploma degrees conducted via world class schools such as Arts, Social Sciences, Business, Engineering etc.

Entry Requirements

For international students seeking admission into NUS, you will be expected to have completed or are completing high school, that is at least 12 years of education at the time of submitting the application. Please check the school’s website for detailed information on admission requirements.

How to Apply for admission

If you want study in National University of Singapore, you must submit the following documents for admission:

  • Submit a completed application form consisting of the following

-Online application

-Payment of application fee($20)

-Electronic submission of application checklist and supporting documents.

Did you know that the National University of Singapore is ranked 22nd in the world University rankings?

Tuition Fees

The tuition fees for both undergraduate and postgraduate students are as follows:

Undergraduate Fees: S$20,160

Postgraduate Fees: S$44,090.

Living Expenses

Note that the amounts stated are in in Singaporean currency and the costs are calculated based on annual basis excluding vacation periods.

On Campus Accommodation(Single-Double Occupancy)- $S2,625 to S$7,000.

Total Estimate excluding accommodation-S$6,000

Total Estimate including accommodation- S$10,000

Part Time Jobs

Students are usually allowed to work on and off campus, not exceeding 16 hours a week during academic session and full time during holidays. So if you are looking for a country where you can work a and study, think Singapore.