How Studying Abroad Makes You a Better Person

There are lots of benefits associated with studying abroad. The first benefit of the study abroad experience is that you learn to check your privilege, in more ways. In addition, living and learning in a foreign country is the first time most of us will understand what it truly feels like to be an outsider.

Often times, it has been proved that there are many concrete benefits of studying, working and interning abroad. Graduates who have lived abroad are more established with highly paid wages, than their peers. However, there are other benefits associated with  living abroad that shouldn’t go unnoticed. Living abroad pushes you out of your comfort zone. It’s easy to become comfortable in your place, you study in the same places, know all the best routes around campus, the friends you’ve known since your first week of college.

In a similar ways, the distance provides a valuable sense of perspective on your college life. There are benefits of studying abroad as it provides the time and space to step back and assess what really matters to you.

In relationship, moving abroad is scary sometimes. Accents are different, food is different and so many other things as well. They might even speak a different language. All these changes can feel unnerving, but an adjustment to your routine will ultimately rewarding. You might find that the method of studying the university you’re studying abroad at is a game changer for you. Or the company that you’re interning at might give you an opportunity for training you wouldn’t have received at home. It might be something smaller that breaks up your routine. Whatever it is, it is always good to mix up your routine and to challenge yourself to be open to improving your efficiency, work-life balance, and how you spend your leisure.

Finally, living abroad makes you check your privilege. For some, living abroad means experiencing a slightly less lavish way of life and being exposed to a diverse range of people and ways of life. Many people who return from living abroad find themselves inspired to take action in aid of the people that they met abroad. Wherever your time abroad takes you, make sure that it will be a gratifying time, and that you will achieve the benefits for years to come. If you’re interested in going on the escapade of a lifetime, and returning a more confident, independent and accepting person, to learn more about opportunities to study, work, intern and volunteer abroad.