Carleton University, Costs and Admission Requirements

It’s no longer news Canada, is one of the most preferred when it comes to study abroad education. What some international students may be interested in knowing would be the provinces in Canada with high job prospects.

The Province of Ontario, seem to be a popular destination for immigrants in Canada. However, making it a land of opportunity.

International students who are considering a study exodus to Carleton University, Canada, should read this to be in the know about their dream University.

Carleton University is a comprehensive university located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. It was established in the year 1942. It is bordered by the Rideau River and historic Rideau Canal. The campus is a short distance from Parliament Hill.

Carleton offers a vast array of undergraduate and graduate programs in areas as diverse as public affairs, architecture, math and science, journalism, arts and social sciences, engineering, business, high technology and industrial design.

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How to Apply to Carleton University:

There are two ways to apply to Carleton University as an international student. The first way to apply is through the Ontario Universities Application Centre (OUAC). The OUAC offers a common application form for all of the universities in Ontario, and this application is recommended if you are applying to multiple universities within the province of Ontario. The base application fee is $165CAD for 3 initial university/program choices, and $50CAD for each additional choice. Alternatively, you can apply directly to Carleton University by submitting the Carleton University International Application. This application fee is $100CAD.

Tuition Fee And Living Expenses

Estimating the cost of a year at Carleton will vary depending on your program of study and lifestyle preferences.  Actual costs will vary depending on your personal needs. The approximate costs are given in Canadian dollars and are based on a 12-month period unless otherwise noted.







Undergraduate tuition fees:


*Price shown is for indicative purpose, please check with institution

Graduate tuition fees:
$13,060 – $14,042

Please note: The applications process includes completing the Residence Information Form. Your responses assist our staff with room assignment, and for students accommodated in double rooms or suites.