All You Need to Know About Australia Tourist Visa

If you are going to visit Australia for other purposes other than study, then you will have to apply for a tourist visa Australian tourist visa allows people to arrive in Australia to visit family/friends, for recreation or holiday. They can stay up to 3 or 12 months through the Visitor Visa. It can also be used for non-work related reasons for the short term.

Australia Subclass 600 Visitor Visa is offered to immigrants who possess a passport. They must also be living outside Australia to apply for this visa, as quoted by the India Embassy Gov Au.  It permits Australia Immigration for Business or Tourism purposes. Travelers from selected nations are qualified to apply for an E-Visitor or Electronic Travel Authority – ETA visa.

Exploratory business visit, negotiation or attending conferences are permitted for Business purposes through this visa. However, certain activities are prohibited by the Australia Subclass 600 Visitor Visa. These include  activities like work, selling services or goods and offering services to organizations or businesses in Australia. You must apply for the Temporary Work Subclass 400 visa if you are planning to do short-term work in Australia.

Individuals that intend to undertake informal training or study for duration less than 90 days or 3 months can also apply for the Australia Visitor Visa. Parents of Australia PR holders and citizens can stay for a longer duration through the Australia visitor visas.

The visas will be granted by the department depending upon individual cases:

  • 5 years validity Visitor visas offering one year stay upon each arrival to Australia for parents who are offshore and in the queue of Parent Subclass 103 visas
  • 3 years validity Visitor visas offering one year stay on each arrival to Australia for parents who are offshore and not in the queue of Parent visas

Note that there is a restriction of 12 months maximum stay upon each arrival for these visas.